Project 52: Week 29 – Water

While is seems we’ve done a few water activities lately, this scaredypants doesn’t like to take her camera out into the big bad world, so none of them have been captured. 🙂
Week 29 was water, so we’ve gone with some pool fun. One of the ways we dealt with the recent hot snap.

Little miss:

Others from that afternoon. My new Mr. Personality:



I now find myself three weeks behind again. But meh. Its summer time. 🙂



P52 – Two Birds, One stone!

Wrote this draft last week – forgot to post! Whoops!
Got two weeks done today! We had our morning walk, and playtime at the park. I’ve started tucking my camera in the stroller every once in a while. Sometimes I get a shot or two, sometimes I get lots, and sometimes I forget the memory card at home and get none. 🙂 Oops.

Week 27 – Red, White and Blue
I had trouble with this one – there were a lot of American flags on the photography forum. This morning it hit me. Mr. B’s shoes. They’ve fit him forever. I’ll be sad when he grows out of them. (And this stroller, for that matter.)

Week 28 – Shadow as subject
First I was taking pics of B’s shadow on the swing – he’s just started using the “big kid” swing. It steals my heart every time. He’s still him – super cautious. He asks for the tiniest of pushes, and its adorable. Then, just as we were leaving, he picked up a dandelion. He loves blowing them everywhere. I snapped this one, and I love it.

Runner up:

Now I can get to the photos I took yesterday during baby pool time!


Project 52: Week 25 – Slow Down

I’m down one more week! A new one starts today, so I’m still behind two weeks. It’ll get there!

This week was Slow Down. Shutter speed that is. I had trouble with this one. I attempted it with the kiddos, but just got blurs (when I was trying to keep a part of the image in focus). The other day we were out on the deck and I decided to take a crack at a still object, and use the zoom on my lens for movement. I still didn’t get part of the plan in focus (I would have needed to use a tripod I don’t own), but I love how it turned out. Love the colour and swirls. Dreamy.


Here’s a still.


Will be back with the next themes: Mulligan, and Red, white & Blue.


Project 52: Week 23 – Low Key (E’s new personality).

This week Last Week’s theme was Low Key. I’m behind again. Opposite of High Key, basically an image that is primarily blacks and grey’s, with a histogram pushed to the left.

The darker, moodier feel of these types of images gave me inspiration on what to capture – Miss E’s new personality.

Now, from birth, my babies have been completely different people. B was just so hard as a baby. So much crying, colic, clinginess, etc. And that really went almost until his first birthday. As he’s grown older I would also describe him as cautious, sweet, routine oriented, and a good listener.

Well. Miss E has been quite an easygoing baby. Happy to be put down, play alone, go with the flow. However, in the past few weeks to a month, we have seen recklessness, sass (oh, so much sass) and her newest trait – drama. In true 1 year old fashion, she will now respond to any situation she does not find ideal with utter crying screaming meltdowns. (That will stop at the drop of a hat if she gets what she wants. The screams literally turn into giggles instantly) It’s wonderful. I know its a phase, I remember it with B, but its just so much… more with her.

This was her response from being put on the floor from the couch after trying to throw herself off of it (remember reckless?)


Happy Weekend!


Project 52: Week 22 – High Key

I did IT! Haha. I kind of thought this was going to be another week I would procrastinate on and become weeks behind. This morning I was tending to my flowers (all four of them), and clipped off an old bloom. Then it clicked and I got my camera and a white piece of paper. Here is the tutorial if you need it, for High Key. I didn’t go that big of an effort, but the new week starts today!


This is another one. It’s not edited, but I like the dreamy out of focus look to it.


This week: Low Key.


Project 52: Weeks 20 & 21

It’s been a busy month and I was starting to panic as I realized I was now almost three weeks behind on the P52. Soo… nothing like finding two pics you’ve taken recently and make them FIT the weekly themes. I’m now back on track.

Week 20: Perspective (point of view)

Me sneaking on Miss Sneaky (well, she thinks she is).


Week 21: Contrast – Our best friend George is back. 🙂


And voila! Caught up. 🙂 This is not something I want to do all the time. I much prefer what I submit when it’s been mindfully shot for the theme. But sometimes a girl just needs to catch up.

This week: High Pass. Say whaaaat? Me too. No idea how that one is going to get done. Tutorial here, for those interested.

Happy Weekend!


Project 52: Weeks 18 &19

Okay. I still haven’t done the street photography week. But I WILL do it. Because I refuse to have an unfinished week at the end.
Week 18 was “Leading Lines”. I submitted this shot.

Week 19 was “Rhythm” and I used the circle of eggs picture I posted a few weeks ago. I’ll spare you from posting it again.

This week is “Perspective”. I feel like I’m constantly running behind at this point. So I’ll either cook up something today or use something I have as a backup. 🙂

Happy Tuesday. 🙂