Project 52: Week 23 – Low Key (E’s new personality).

This week Last Week’s theme was Low Key. I’m behind again. Opposite of High Key, basically an image that is primarily blacks and grey’s, with a histogram pushed to the left.

The darker, moodier feel of these types of images gave me inspiration on what to capture – Miss E’s new personality.

Now, from birth, my babies have been completely different people. B was just so hard as a baby. So much crying, colic, clinginess, etc. And that really went almost until his first birthday. As he’s grown older I would also describe him as cautious, sweet, routine oriented, and a good listener.

Well. Miss E has been quite an easygoing baby. Happy to be put down, play alone, go with the flow. However, in the past few weeks to a month, we have seen recklessness, sass (oh, so much sass) and her newest trait – drama. In true 1 year old fashion, she will now respond to any situation she does not find ideal with utter crying screaming meltdowns. (That will stop at the drop of a hat if she gets what she wants. The screams literally turn into giggles instantly) It’s wonderful. I know its a phase, I remember it with B, but its just so much… more with her.

This was her response from being put on the floor from the couch after trying to throw herself off of it (remember reckless?)


Happy Weekend!