P52:Week 10 – Alternative Light

Aaaaand we’re back to light. I think we’re moving into composition, so this is the last week on light. So…. Alternative light – I’m reading that as any light source that isn’t natural (i.e. the sun). Luckily, it still is gross and winter and I seem to only get my camera out while we’re inside. I started thinking about what I wanted to do this week, and for some reason I seem to love torturing myself with low light situations (and my camera. She really, really doesn’t like low light. Grain-a-palooza.) Originally I was going to use a flashlight. Then I remembered that Brady got a teeny tiny light saber (is that right? I’m missing my geek dictionary) on one of his valentines from his daycare friends. Then I wondered if it would fit in the hand of one of our many lego guys (since I was so inspired by that lego post a few weeks ago!). I got it out. It fit. Perfectly!

Originally I tried with in our bathroom on our night light:



Not quite the look I was going for, but interesting. 

Then Mr. Lego and I went downstairs to the kitchen to find a flashlight. Here’s what we came up with. Hubs didn’t even bat an eyelash when he came in to the dark room with me on my tummy with a flashlight and a lego man on the floor.



Those were my favourites. Although I wish I had a bigger flashlight. 


Hungry for a snack?


I’ll try to be better this week on posting. I didn’t pick up my camera much last week!  



Coolest thing I’ve seen today.

Someone posted this today on my photography forum. I’m so in love. With my little boy just beginning his love of LEGO journey, this makes my heart jump. This guy did this with an iPhone. Holy moly.

Check out:

This Guy Spends 365 Days Following This Tiny LEGOgrapher Travelling The World

Makes me think I might do a series on George. 😉