Chubby hands & Tiny feet.

Sometime in the past year, B lost his baby hands. There is no chub left, and those little baby dimples on his knuckles have disappeared. I don’t know when it happened. At this point he seems to have lost all his ‘baby’. Every bit of him is skinny, and just getting longer and longer. I wish I’d noticed when they changed and when my baby turned into a boy. 

So.. this week I couldn’t stop taking pictures of E’s chubby hands and feet. Hubs doesn’t think they’re that cute. But I love the little rolls on her wrists, and those sweet dimples and even the tips of her fingers are full and round. I want to remember them. 




I’m having a little love affair with black and white. I’m not sure if its because I love it, or it kind of hides any issues I have with white balance and colour. 🙂 Maybe next week I’ll do only colour.

I obviously need to stalk B more for some of his hands and feet. Kiddo simply won’t sit still for photos unless he doesn’t know I’m taking them.