Project 52: Week 23 – Low Key (E’s new personality).

This week Last Week’s theme was Low Key. I’m behind again. Opposite of High Key, basically an image that is primarily blacks and grey’s, with a histogram pushed to the left.

The darker, moodier feel of these types of images gave me inspiration on what to capture – Miss E’s new personality.

Now, from birth, my babies have been completely different people. B was just so hard as a baby. So much crying, colic, clinginess, etc. And that really went almost until his first birthday. As he’s grown older I would also describe him as cautious, sweet, routine oriented, and a good listener.

Well. Miss E has been quite an easygoing baby. Happy to be put down, play alone, go with the flow. However, in the past few weeks to a month, we have seen recklessness, sass (oh, so much sass) and her newest trait – drama. In true 1 year old fashion, she will now respond to any situation she does not find ideal with utter crying screaming meltdowns. (That will stop at the drop of a hat if she gets what she wants. The screams literally turn into giggles instantly) It’s wonderful. I know its a phase, I remember it with B, but its just so much… more with her.

This was her response from being put on the floor from the couch after trying to throw herself off of it (remember reckless?)


Happy Weekend!



Two years progress. In cake.

So… I’ve been at this camera thing for just over two years now. When Mr. B turned one, I did his cake smash shoot in our kitchen. I wanted the pictures, but I didn’t want to pay for them. So I did the best I could with what I knew.

Now, exactly two years later, I have done Miss Em’s cake smash. Its a good opportunity to see where some growth has happened, and places I still need to do some more work. So here it is, a side by side:

Keep in mind for B’s, I had just discovered actions (a set of editing steps at the press of a button). I had no idea how to use them, and that’s why he looks ridiculously smooothed or blurry in some of them. Oops!











This next one is the only one that I prefer the earlier version. Love this kids eyes.






In the end, I’m happy that I can see growth. I have so far to go, but I’m starting to get a decent number of pictures I’m quite happy with. I think I need to work on composition, and different light (boy am I struggling outside in full sun). But YAY! Steps have been made!


11 months and counting. (And P52)

Insert the tears here. Time flies and we’re along for the ride.

I took these of Miss E last week. These are two of my favourites. I feel like I still need to master white balance. But I know I’m learning. I tackled colour casts this week, and I’m getting better at evening skin tone and a few other things. And contrast. My nemesis.

Miss E almost a year:



And because I can’t forget Mr B, I think these are both last week or so:



I submitted that first picture for the Project 52 this week. The theme was “Photographers Choice”.


What to do when your model doesn’t cooperate?

It’s happened. Miss E reached the age where she wants nothing to do with sitting still because the world around her is full of amazing, interesting things. Like electrical cords, door stoppers, and anything that moves.

I got her dressed and then sat her down with a “high interest” toy – her stuffed lamb. Who she loves. Then I put her sticker on. It lasted all of 8 seconds. Even with me peeling her hand away while singing and dancing and making stupid noises to distract her. Then she ate it. Then I chased her around the room (score mommy for having the door closed!) while she completely ignored me.

I posted a few on FB. Here is what most of the rest looked like. (Feel free to leave your tips in comments.)








In good news – she’s getting visible hair! Woot woot!