Cake, Cake, and more Cake.

Its been a crazy busy few weeks here. Birthday season is upon us. There’s my two littles (two days apart), and then four more close family members as well. Have a couple shindigs, and that’s a lotta cake!

Again, no particular order. I’m just happy I’m finally posting something. You’d think the birthday pictures would be… better. But no. This is what we get. 🙂

Birthday Boy chose Chuck E Cheese for his birthday activity. A blast all around. Look at that serious driving face. I hope he didn’t get a ticket. (That’s funny because I got my first ticket in ten years this week. And Mr B hasn’t stopped talking about it since. So many lovely reminders in the car. 🙂 )

Cake! Also his request.

Next up! Little E’s turn at a birthday. More cake!

She learned this classy move from her Daddy.

Introducing… Dora. The boy fish. Birthday present that we can hopefully keep alive.

He’s a big deal.

With everyone. 🙂

Sometimes there is hardly enough room in the tub for the children.

Bedtime story.


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