P52 – Two Birds, One stone!

Wrote this draft last week – forgot to post! Whoops!
Got two weeks done today! We had our morning walk, and playtime at the park. I’ve started tucking my camera in the stroller every once in a while. Sometimes I get a shot or two, sometimes I get lots, and sometimes I forget the memory card at home and get none. 🙂 Oops.

Week 27 – Red, White and Blue
I had trouble with this one – there were a lot of American flags on the photography forum. This morning it hit me. Mr. B’s shoes. They’ve fit him forever. I’ll be sad when he grows out of them. (And this stroller, for that matter.)

Week 28 – Shadow as subject
First I was taking pics of B’s shadow on the swing – he’s just started using the “big kid” swing. It steals my heart every time. He’s still him – super cautious. He asks for the tiniest of pushes, and its adorable. Then, just as we were leaving, he picked up a dandelion. He loves blowing them everywhere. I snapped this one, and I love it.

Runner up:

Now I can get to the photos I took yesterday during baby pool time!



Sunshine Baby

I know she isn’t my baby anymore. But I refuse to call her my toddler. Must be one of those “Always be my baby” type things.

We spent a lot of time outside with water last week during our wonderful little heat wave.

IMG_7218 copy



Turns out the water table is just one big water fountain for this little lady.

Getting close to being able to style this sweet baby hair!
IMG_7240 copy

I didn’t start this blog just for the P52, but I like having something to post, and recording my journey. But I keep falling behind. Going to have to try to knock out a few weeks this week.
I’m missing: Mulligan, Red White and Blue, and Shadow as subject. Eek!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Project 52: Week 25 – Slow Down

I’m down one more week! A new one starts today, so I’m still behind two weeks. It’ll get there!

This week was Slow Down. Shutter speed that is. I had trouble with this one. I attempted it with the kiddos, but just got blurs (when I was trying to keep a part of the image in focus). The other day we were out on the deck and I decided to take a crack at a still object, and use the zoom on my lens for movement. I still didn’t get part of the plan in focus (I would have needed to use a tripod I don’t own), but I love how it turned out. Love the colour and swirls. Dreamy.


Here’s a still.


Will be back with the next themes: Mulligan, and Red, white & Blue.


I heart Saturday Mornings

I love them. My babes in their adorable pj’s, delicious coffee, snuggles, cartoons… togetherness. I caught these yesterday.

Daddy listening to something Mr. B is creating. He’s creating stories and drawings and lists and his little personality keeps growing and becoming more him.

Gosh I love baby pajamas. Our sleeper days are numbered. As I watch my baby toddler, I have to remind myself to enjoy every moment, as this is very likely our last. She’s in that stage where she’s doing something new every day. It’s amazing and busy and sweet.


Happy weekend everyone.