11 months and counting. (And P52)

Insert the tears here. Time flies and we’re along for the ride.

I took these of Miss E last week. These are two of my favourites. I feel like I still need to master white balance. But I know I’m learning. I tackled colour casts this week, and I’m getting better at evening skin tone and a few other things. And contrast. My nemesis.

Miss E almost a year:



And because I can’t forget Mr B, I think these are both last week or so:



I submitted that first picture for the Project 52 this week. The theme was “Photographers Choice”.



P52 – Week 16: Nature and/or Landscapes

This week was Nature. Brady brought this pea plant home last week. They grew them in plastic baggies to watch the seed sprout and then sent them home in this cup for us to plant… which I’m going to do! But I wanted to remember the first pea plant he brought home. (I do this every year for Mother’s Day in my classroom because it coincides with our measurement unit). I love it.

I submitted the third one, but these are my faves.





I still haven’t done last week. But I refuse to not do it. I will find a street and get it done in the next few weeks. Next week is photographers choice.


Sunshine and Baby Hair

I took my camera out this weekend when B went to hit some balls on the field. I have a lot of experimenting to do and a lot to learn. Full sun is hard. But, I ended up taking this and love little babe’s hair in it.


And my little man with his beloved bubbles. The first of the season. (Of millions.)


I still haven’t done the P52 this week… shocking.


Project 52: Week 14 – Food

This week’s theme was food. We were supposed to take the last few weeks into consideration – light, composition, etc, and be able to practice with something that wouldn’t move. Therefore we could pause and think before taking the shot.

I experimented with two of the last purees we have in the house. Baby girl is well onto solid food, and puree is almost in our past. Seemed right to capture this moment in our lives. Love those shiny glass dishes and yummy smelling fruit. 

This is the image I submitted. I love the water-like shadow/reflection. 


This was my second favourite:



This week’s theme: Street Photography… we’ll see what happens. 🙂


Tokens and Tickets.

Last week we had a lot of visitors. My sister and her husband were here and they wanted to take the kids somewhere fun, so we went to the local play place. Even I love the whole tokens and tickets concept. And trading in the hundreds of tickets for one tiny, cheaply made item. You agonize over the decision. Which is the very best choice? Turns out B is the same. He hems and haws like he’s choosing for the very last time. Like his momma.

Taking the lead from Auntie.


The toddler games:


This machine was lucrative to him.
IMG_6002 copy


I just missed the moment on this one. His hands were placed perfectly on the globe but the game ended before I got the shot.

Learning to drive. Already.