Making up is hard to do….

Unless you have this boy for a son. Boy he knows exactly what to do to get back into the good graces. Its been a tough week over here. B was sick, which makes him emotional, which makes him respond to things without thinking about his actions first. Yesterday we had a blowout. Me: “I told you to stop laying on your sister!!” His response: Squeezing that poor little lady even harder.
I yelled. And amid the first yelled sentence I already felt the sting of regret and shame. Which is always how I feel when I yell. I wish it didn’t ever happen, and it shouldn’t. So this time, in the middle of the sentence I scooped his getting-gangly body in my arms, carried him to another room and told him I was sorry. And then I tried to calmly yet emotionally tell him why his behavior wasn’t ok. Which I didn’t really need to do, because I could already see the regret on his face.
Anyways. There was kissing and I love you’s and he wrapped his hands around my neck and buried his sweet face and told me he loved me. And I got teary.
He knew I’d kind of been stalking them all day with my camera, hoping to capture a moment, so when we returned to the living room he sat down next to E and began to stroke her hair. He saw me reach for the camera and gave her little kisses. I’m not sure whether he was apologizing to me, E, or both of us




You can see E is still rocking the open mouth kiss.

And I keep taking pictures like this because I want to remember her sweet hair growing in. I still get strangers coming up to me daily about how I shouldn’t worry that she’s still bald.


And, my little loves together. Man this parenting gig is hard. I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.


Happy weekend everyone.


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