Skinny Feet.

I already talked about this, so I won’t harp on it. He grew up this year. I love his age right now. Endless, and I mean endless questions. Why, how, when, WHY? His vocabulary keeps exploding and he comes up with different ways to explain things so we’ll understand his new words and sounds. He adds actions. He sings, he dances, he has his own funny ideas.
But… his body is grown up and I’ll miss the baby bits. Here are the bits now.

I took these while he was trying to enjoy a snack on the couch. The hand was him saying “No more pictures!!”.



Project 52 – Weeks 11 and 12

The weeks are flying by and so far I’ve submitted an image for each!  I don’t know how people do a 365 (a photo a day). I keep saying I want to try it one month… but I’m so terrified of it. 

Anyways. Week 11: Negative Space


Week 12: Rule of Thirds.  If you are unfamiliar, you can read about it here. This website is a great resource for people starting out in photography. She also has a great FB page.



I’ll be back soon with some shots of B’s details. I was stalking him last week. I just haven’t got around to editing them yet. 



Chubby hands & Tiny feet.

Sometime in the past year, B lost his baby hands. There is no chub left, and those little baby dimples on his knuckles have disappeared. I don’t know when it happened. At this point he seems to have lost all his ‘baby’. Every bit of him is skinny, and just getting longer and longer. I wish I’d noticed when they changed and when my baby turned into a boy. 

So.. this week I couldn’t stop taking pictures of E’s chubby hands and feet. Hubs doesn’t think they’re that cute. But I love the little rolls on her wrists, and those sweet dimples and even the tips of her fingers are full and round. I want to remember them. 




I’m having a little love affair with black and white. I’m not sure if its because I love it, or it kind of hides any issues I have with white balance and colour. 🙂 Maybe next week I’ll do only colour.

I obviously need to stalk B more for some of his hands and feet. Kiddo simply won’t sit still for photos unless he doesn’t know I’m taking them. 


Happy St Paddies

I admit it. I didn’t drink any green beer this year. All I got done was making sure B was wearing his green shirt. 

I also took a couple photos of smarties to look like a shamrock… it was originally for a contest, but I forgot to submit them – so now they’re just practice, so I’ll share with you. Turns out smarties aren’t a very pretty or vibrant green colour.  I like the middle one the best – by far.



Stay tuned. I’m trying to take more pictures of the “details” this week and next. Hopefully I’ll have something to share soon. I also haven’t submitted my P52 this week – negative space.


Making up is hard to do….

Unless you have this boy for a son. Boy he knows exactly what to do to get back into the good graces. Its been a tough week over here. B was sick, which makes him emotional, which makes him respond to things without thinking about his actions first. Yesterday we had a blowout. Me: “I told you to stop laying on your sister!!” His response: Squeezing that poor little lady even harder.
I yelled. And amid the first yelled sentence I already felt the sting of regret and shame. Which is always how I feel when I yell. I wish it didn’t ever happen, and it shouldn’t. So this time, in the middle of the sentence I scooped his getting-gangly body in my arms, carried him to another room and told him I was sorry. And then I tried to calmly yet emotionally tell him why his behavior wasn’t ok. Which I didn’t really need to do, because I could already see the regret on his face.
Anyways. There was kissing and I love you’s and he wrapped his hands around my neck and buried his sweet face and told me he loved me. And I got teary.
He knew I’d kind of been stalking them all day with my camera, hoping to capture a moment, so when we returned to the living room he sat down next to E and began to stroke her hair. He saw me reach for the camera and gave her little kisses. I’m not sure whether he was apologizing to me, E, or both of us




You can see E is still rocking the open mouth kiss.

And I keep taking pictures like this because I want to remember her sweet hair growing in. I still get strangers coming up to me daily about how I shouldn’t worry that she’s still bald.


And, my little loves together. Man this parenting gig is hard. I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.


Happy weekend everyone.

P52:Week 10 – Alternative Light

Aaaaand we’re back to light. I think we’re moving into composition, so this is the last week on light. So…. Alternative light – I’m reading that as any light source that isn’t natural (i.e. the sun). Luckily, it still is gross and winter and I seem to only get my camera out while we’re inside. I started thinking about what I wanted to do this week, and for some reason I seem to love torturing myself with low light situations (and my camera. She really, really doesn’t like low light. Grain-a-palooza.) Originally I was going to use a flashlight. Then I remembered that Brady got a teeny tiny light saber (is that right? I’m missing my geek dictionary) on one of his valentines from his daycare friends. Then I wondered if it would fit in the hand of one of our many lego guys (since I was so inspired by that lego post a few weeks ago!). I got it out. It fit. Perfectly!

Originally I tried with in our bathroom on our night light:



Not quite the look I was going for, but interesting. 

Then Mr. Lego and I went downstairs to the kitchen to find a flashlight. Here’s what we came up with. Hubs didn’t even bat an eyelash when he came in to the dark room with me on my tummy with a flashlight and a lego man on the floor.



Those were my favourites. Although I wish I had a bigger flashlight. 


Hungry for a snack?


I’ll try to be better this week on posting. I didn’t pick up my camera much last week!  


Project 52: Week 9 – Photographers Choice

The girl running the P52 challenge switched this week’s theme last minute from “Alternative Light” (ugh.) to “Photographer’s Choice”. A break from light that I welcomed.

So my photographers choice is my Mr. B eating his cereal. I love the reflection on the table and the sweet expression on his face. The focus isn’t quite as sharp as I’d like, as my aperture was too wide. :0/

This kid LOVES cereal. His favourites are Raisin Bran and Mini Wheats. Smart kid.