Project 52: A Weekly Photography Challenge

In January I started a Project 52 on a photography forum I’m on. Each week has a theme, and you are to capture an image around that theme. (Or not, if you’re really rocking something else that week) The purpose is to get you shooting more regularly, to inspire creativity and to get you out of your ‘box’. (I’m not sure I had a box to begin with.)
So we’re on week 8. Which I haven’t done yet. I just thought I’d catch you up with the last 7 weeks. I’m definitely happier with some more than others.

Week 1: You: A Self Portrait


Week 2:House on Fire (what would you grab?)


Week 3: Your favourite


Week 4: Your town. (I hate this one. It was cold and rainy and I never got out to where I wanted to go. This is a cop out. Its a shed that was across the street from a date E and I had.


Week 5: Candid Image


Week 6: Side Light (This begins the month on light, which has been kicking my tush!)


Week 7: Backlight


This week is low light. Ugh. Not my (or my camera’s) forte. We shall see what we cook up. 🙂



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