A boy and his George.

There is no backup.


This is George. Mr B got him for Christmas. (Thanks Auntie!) and he quickly became a valued member of our family. We get to hunt for him at naps and bedtime. He cuddles on the couch and watches his own tv show. He’s the first stuffed toy other than Ra-Ra that B has really connected with. And there’s no backup. Dear god, there is NO backup.


4 thoughts on “A boy and his George.

  1. Love the pics! George is the same stuffy that R has! She did lose it… chaos ensued until a backup was found. Then about 2 months later we found the original… now she sleeps with both!

  2. Mr. P has two “go too” lovies (that’s what we call them, they are tiny blankets with dog heads) then another two back up lovies that we keep hidden in case of an emergancy! Life would be over if we ever managed to misplace all four of them!

    • Those are the same as B’s Ra-Ra. (giraffe head blanket thing). We have three that we rotate through the wash. Be careful keeping them hidden! I tried to introduce the third one and he rejected it for a long time! It didn’t feel or smell like his! He had to sleep with two for months until the third got into the circle! They don’t leave the house unless we’re going to be somewhere late!

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