What to do when your model doesn’t cooperate?

It’s happened. Miss E reached the age where she wants nothing to do with sitting still because the world around her is full of amazing, interesting things. Like electrical cords, door stoppers, and anything that moves.

I got her dressed and then sat her down with a “high interest” toy – her stuffed lamb. Who she loves. Then I put her sticker on. It lasted all of 8 seconds. Even with me peeling her hand away while singing and dancing and making stupid noises to distract her. Then she ate it. Then I chased her around the room (score mommy for having the door closed!) while she completely ignored me.

I posted a few on FB. Here is what most of the rest looked like. (Feel free to leave your tips in comments.)








In good news – she’s getting visible hair! Woot woot!



Coolest thing I’ve seen today.

Someone posted this today on my photography forum. I’m so in love. With my little boy just beginning his love of LEGO journey, this makes my heart jump. This guy did this with an iPhone. Holy moly.

Check out:

This Guy Spends 365 Days Following This Tiny LEGOgrapher Travelling The World

Makes me think I might do a series on George. πŸ˜‰


P52: Week 8 – Low Light

Ugh. Low light. Bite me.
I’ve seen all these beautiful photographs taken with little or no light in the room, and they’re sharp and clear and beautiful. I decided to start with inanimate objects this week. (Well.. Fin isn’t inanimate, but boy is he better at sitting still than my kids. Even when I’m shining an ipad in his face.) Hee hee.

Here are my top two. Much more practise needed



New theme starts Wed. πŸ™‚

Are you doing a P52? Have advice for me? Share a link in a comment below! I’d love to see!


Project 52: A Weekly Photography Challenge

In January I started a Project 52 on a photography forum I’m on. Each week has a theme, and you are to capture an image around that theme. (Or not, if you’re really rocking something else that week) The purpose is to get you shooting more regularly, to inspire creativity and to get you out of your ‘box’. (I’m not sure I had a box to begin with.)
So we’re on week 8. Which I haven’t done yet. I just thought I’d catch you up with the last 7 weeks. I’m definitely happier with some more than others.

Week 1: You: A Self Portrait


Week 2:House on Fire (what would you grab?)


Week 3: Your favourite


Week 4: Your town. (I hate this one. It was cold and rainy and I never got out to where I wanted to go. This is a cop out. Its a shed that was across the street from a date E and I had.


Week 5: Candid Image


Week 6: Side Light (This begins the month on light, which has been kicking my tush!)


Week 7: Backlight


This week is low light. Ugh. Not my (or my camera’s) forte. We shall see what we cook up. πŸ™‚


A boy and his George.

There is no backup.


This is George. Mr B got him for Christmas. (Thanks Auntie!) and he quickly became a valued member of our family. We get to hunt for him at naps and bedtime. He cuddles on the couch and watches his own tv show. He’s the first stuffed toy other than Ra-Ra that B has really connected with. And there’s no backup. Dear god, there is NO backup.

Welcome to My Life, My loves!

So… Here we are. I’ve been contemplating a blog for a few weeks now. Ever since B was born I’ve started to get more and more into photography. I bought my first DSLR, and have spent the last two years learning how to use it. I’m still not good. But I’m trying. Β It’s gotten to the point that I feel most of my Facebook friends are probably tired of the constant barrage of my kids photos. But I feel like I need to share them. So, here is that place. The place where you can see my work slowly improving (hopefully) and my littles growing up. Because gosh, it happens so fast, and I want to remember all of it. Every chubby hand. Every milestone. Every snuggle.

Thanks for joining.